Art Walk 2018

Once again students in the French and International Streams will be displaying their amazing artwork for parents to enjoy!

The theme for this year’s Art Walk is ‘Unite our world though Art’, it will take place :

Thursday 3 May from 5pm to 7:30pm 
Jardine’s Lookout: classrooms, auditorium, gymnasium   

A show by CP classes is organised in the auditorium.

Students will be exploring art from different continents as inspiration for their own fabulous creations.

Each year group has a continent assigned

  • MS & RC : Asia

  • GS & Y1 :Africa

  • CP & Y2 : North America

  • CE1 & Y3 : Europe

  • CE2 & Y4 : Oceania

  • Y5 : South America

Parents are invited to view collaborative artwork in the gymnasium and the classrooms.

Classrooms are open to all parents – take the opportunity to visit as many as you can to get a taste of the amazing artwork on display.