Art Walk 2017: a truly inspiring exhibition

Newsletters are such a wonderful place to record the life and soul of a school but so much happens in a term that even the biggest events can easily slide into an ignominious past. One such event was our incredible Art Walk, 2017. After what was obviously a great amount of care, effort, collaboration and organisation, it was truly an inspiring experience to witness this wonderful celebration of literacy and art. Together with the students of our French and Bilingual streams, our own students and teachers had taken several weeks putting together their exhibitions, based on one of their favourite authors, books or illustrators.

Taking a walk around school was a nostalgic, inspiring experience. Our classes were filled with splashes of colour, paintings, drawings and sculpture based on so many of those stories that have contributed warmly to our children’s experiences throughout school. Our children clearly have a huge variety of talent, interest and enthusiasm for the aesthetic charm of everything literary and I, for one, will look back on the experience of my tour with great affection for everything that our school has to offer.

Of course, I hope you all enjoyed it too! Please take a look at the photographs taken on the day available on our Flickr album here

Philip Hudson, Head of Primary, International Stream