Art Day 2019, a tribute to heroes

On Tuesday 4 June, Chai Wan’s students invited us to the last artistic exhibition of the year for Primary: Art Day.

This exhibition combined artworks made by all classes on that campus, from CE1 to CM2, focusing on the theme “Heroes”.

Heroes are often associated with superheroes. Yet, it was an opportunity for children to delve into this concept and understand the theme in all its complexity.

Among the exhibited heroic figures, students joyfully mixed inspiring historic personalities such as Jean-Yves Cousteau or Simone Veil with young activist Greta Hunberg, as well as Greek mythology figures.

The “everyday hero” was also a central figure of the exhibition with a huge “We are all heroes” banner hung in the hallway and some artworks focusing on parents, those everyday heroes. It seems that a few parents shed a tear when they saw the piece created by their children and dedicated to them.

At the end, parents were thrilled to stroll through this creative and eclectic exhibition, and students were pleased to have an excuse to dress up as their favourite hero.

Find all the photos of the event here.