App Jamming Summit 2017 - Semi Finalists

Y5A students: Luke Gaudois, Zaide Sani, Leon Sikora and Luca Tzatzakis took part in the AJS 2017 competition last February. These avid coders created a "Grand Fit Mobile" App through an MITApp Inventor platform which includes: Whack 'Em All game, Meditation music, The Quiz facts and Walk Some Points activity. The team was included in the Semi Finalist and presented their impressive work during the Pitching Day last 25th February, 2017. Amazing experience for their first try.  

My favorite part of the project, was getting together with my mates to work on the App. We were always rewarded with pizza at the end. I really hope we get through to the next round, but either way I will take part next year as well.” Luke

I think that the most fun part was planning and practicing for the pitch, although I was a bit nervous during the pitch it was a great experience and I will totally do it again next year” Zaide

It was one of the best experience that I’ve ever had. It was exciting and it was especially hard on the coding for “walk Some Points”. I would happily do it again”. Luca

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So will definitely do it next year and the next years. We’re going to MIT!” Leon

A BIG Congratulations to "Team Big Pumpin" for their hard work! Watch the demo here