Anti-bullying Talk 01.04.2019

On Monday 1 April 2019, students from Secondary and parents were invited to join a talk about anti-bullying issues and mental health awareness organised by the FIS Event Committee.

It was great to benefit from this initiative to know the non-punitive strategies we can address to intimidation, the shared concern method and the restorative matrix, respectively.

Highly positive comments were heard after the presentations. Some children have already opened-up to their parents about some “incidents” they witnessed, others have found a new hero in Cameron. :) Parents have taken home wonderful "food for thoughts”.

We would like to thank warmly Cameron Su (HKIS), Ms Michele Lai (kids4Kids), Ms Sue Thomas (co-leader of Positive Education at Discovery College), Rachel Leonard (FIS IS Deputy Head of Secondary) and Melissa Bartoli (FIS Socio educative coordinator) for their presentations.

Click here to get the presentation from the talk.

Here are some resources:

In English :

In French :


And let’s hope we can continue feeding everyone with positive thoughts, so each one can contribute to ensuring a safer and pleasant environment around him/herself.