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AGM Results 2019

Resolution 3: Directors to the Board of Directors elections

Five positions were up for election or re-election and, in accordance with our Articles of Association, the positions were filled as followed for a mandate of three years from 01 September 2019.

Newly Elected Directors

1-Stephen Mansfield

2- Thomas Decouvelaere

3- Jeanne Zhao-Clot

4- Hervé Robin

Re-elected Directors

5- Yves Bernard

Current Board Directors

6- Pierre-Jean Beylier

7- Clément Brunet-Moret (Chairman)

8- Guillaume Goriot

9- Goran Kuna

10- Nicolas Morineaux

11- Sonia Perna-Darghouth

12- Caroline Simon Michel

Consul General

 13- Alexandre Giorgini

The reserve member is Sean Alexander. 

Resolution 4 – Audited Financial Statements and Auditor 

The resolution has been approved by 76.1%.

Resolution 5 – 2019-2020 Budget

The budget has been approved by 57.1%.

Special Resolutions 7 et 8

The resolutions have been rejected.

Representative Parents Election

Primary French Stream

  • Isabelle-Marie Cowperthwaite (Substitute: Vivian Au Yeung Bonnici)
  • Antoine Freches (Substitute: Vanessa Drevet)
  • Alexandra Rendall (Substitute: Emiko Ito-Gourmelen)

Primary International Stream

  • Samantha Gaudois (Substitute: Karen Thorne)
  • Serena Lee (Substitute: Prachi Datar)

Secondary French Stream

  • Vanessa Drevet (Substitute: Viviane Ritz)
  • Caroline Flamand (Substitute: Anne Rebillard ep. Vanlaeys)

Secondary International Stream

  • No candidacy