7th Primary School French Speech Competition 2016

Many awards for our students in poetry and reading

In November, about 50 pupils from Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 performed brilliantly in the different poetry and reading categories, interpreting pieces in front of a jury of French teachers and a large audience.

It was the first time some had taken part, but others were already experts! Although you could see some anxiety on their faces just before performing, they were all happy to be there and compete alongside other local and international schools.

Here are all the results:

Poetry for non native speakers


Bianca Rowley 1st, Francesca Leotta 2nd , Salvatore Leotta 2nd


Kristy Chan 1st


Sheanna Mutthumani 1st scoring 100 % and Nandini Sharma 3rd for the poem Autour du monde.

Bella Talib 3rd for the poem Les larmes du crocodile

Poetry for native speakers


Nina Martin 2nd


Anaïs Drouffe 1st, Joséphine Garnier 3rd

 Y5 /Y6 

Lucas Chu 1st  followed by Ashley Leung 2nd and 3rd place shared by Beatrice Chu and Katreesa Lam.

A special mention for the 4 students who challenged themselves in the native speaker category, although their mother tongue is not French, and spoke with feeling and superb expression, bravo!



Bianca Rowley (1st) is champion in her category.


Lucas Chu 1st prize for boys.

Béatrice Chu 1st prize for girls followed by Katreesa Lam 2nd and Bryana Chu 3rd  

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