4è students went to Pui O for a Physical Activity and Nature Camp

Last month, our 4è students had the nice opportunity to take part in a 2-day field trip out in the wilds, in Pui O, on Lantau Island. The camp took place from October 8 to 11, with 2 groups of 3 classes each time. It was organised and supervised by the school’s PE teachers as part of the French national curriculum.

Over 2 days, the students got to enjoy water and outdoors activities aiming at completing their training in nature sports. Namely, they got to practise ‘gorging’ (to go upstream on a river) and ‘coastering’ (walking along the coastline and swimming in white water). They also surfed and took part in various team-building activities and camped during night time.

The weather was beautiful, and some students got to push their limits.

Everyone made very nice memories, including the PE teachers who wholeheartedly rallied around this project.