3 FIS students awarded 'Cambridge Outstanding Achievers' title

Three of our students recently received certificates and medals for their hard work, and share their tips to ensure great marks.

Three of our students recently received certificates and medals for their hard work following on from the crop of excellent IGCSE results (70% A*/A grades) in the June 2020 series.

Juliana C. and Claudia T. (now both year 11) gained the highest marks in Hong Kong for the French foreign language examination, whist Lockie P. (now an IB student in year 12) gained the highest mark for Physical Education in Hong Kong.

So what did they all have to say about their success?

Lockie was clearly pleased, but had some good advice for future IGCSE students:

“ I am very proud and happy to have won the award but anyone can get it if they study hard at subjects that they enjoy.To get a good mark in any subject, you have to spend the time to have good notes and look over them to make sure that you have every bit of the syllabus covered. A major advantage with PE that I had was that it was one of my favorite subjects and one that I found very interesting, which made it quite easy to study for it due to it being enjoyable and therefore easy to learn.

A tip for students studying IGCSE this year is just to keep your notes organised and keep looking over them regularity. It helps like in PE if you have quizlets which you do every now and again to keep the knowledge ticking over and keep everything refreshed. Before the exams, past papers help a lot with the exam style questions and they really help you to be prepared when you go into the exam.”

Claudia and Juliana will be sitting the bulk of their exams in June 2020. Claudia commented that she is “proud of herself and very upraised.” One key to her success was that she recently started taking a French ballet class twice a week and her ballet teacher, Regine, helped her to expand her vocabulary. Finally, what does she do to ensure high marks?

“Focus on exam technique as well as the content and understanding, as that is what can get you top marks.”

Juliana said:

“I did do some special revision for this exam. I didn’t do very well in the mock exams that I took last December as I struggled a lot with the oral part. Therefore, I prepared as much as I could for the oral part in the actual exams as it was my main weakness. My tip for those taking their exams this year would be to relax and be confident in what you are doing. I would also advise students to focus on their weaknesses, which is why I think that mocks are very important. However, I am proud of myself for this award and it does motivate me to also try and do my best on my other exams that I will be taking next year.”

FIS extends its warmest congratulations to our 3 students, you make the community very proud!