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2019 Back to School Guide


All the back-to-school information are available on your parent portal/websites/MyLFIS.

Check out the parent portal handbook 

IMPORTANT: update your personal information as soon as possible

Download your school reports before 3 July. From 3 July to 29 August 2019, the « Pupil details » section will be inaccessible.

From 29 July to 4 August, Engage will be inaccessible.


First day of school is Wednesday 28 August 2019.

All the details regarding each campus will be available on your parent portal/websites/MyLFIS.




Find the ECA brochures from 3 July on your parent portal/websites/MyLFIS or ECA website page

Registration for ECA through your parent portal :

  • for Primary students: from Saturday 13 July at 2pm
  • for Secondary students: from Saturday 31 August at 10am

Find all the information about 2019-2020 ECA registration



Supplies and school books



  • School Uniform is compulsory in Primary (MS to CM2 / RC to Y6). Order it here.
  • PE uniform is compulsory for all PE classes from MS (except MS at JL) to Terminale and RC to Y13. Order it here

Find all the details about the uniforms here.


Register directly with the bus company:

  • Kwoon Chung: from 25 June to 10 July
  • Yang May Lee (TKO): from 17 June to 10 July

Find all the details about the bus service here.


Register directly with Chartwells for the canteen. Enrol and pay online here

Find all the information about the canteen here.



In case of Typhoon or heavy rain, find out all the procedure on your parent portal/websites/MyLFIS.



Pronote: closed this summer from 2 July to 5 September (school reports unavailable)





Join us on Thursday 19 September to meet volunteer parents during the Back-to-school cocktail organised by the Event Committee