2019 Arts Workshop Exhibition

The students who attended the ECA Arts Workshop are delighted to invite you to their end-of-the-year exhibition.

From Tuesday 18 June to Friday 21 June

Multipurpose Room (Ground Floor), Blue Pool Road

The first group, composed of 6e, 5e, Y7 and Y8 students, worked on 3 original productions: a fleet of vessels, all personalised thanks to the collage technique; abstract drawings using oil pastels; and finally, a series of works where collage and acrylic paint have been mixed on a starred canvas.

The second group, composed of 4e, 3e and Y9 students, created three different and unique artworks: they painted using tea bags as brushes with a label of their own, they imagined fantastic creatures using silk paper and they painted Pop’art-style patterns on which they added a masking effect using paint spray.

Come along and check out our young artists’ masterpieces.