2019 Art Bac 2019, a bona fide art show

From June 11 to 14, all 13 Terminale students with a specialization in Arts showcased their work at the special 'Art Bac' exhibition at Blue Pool Road campus. Among them, one is taking the Baccalaureate as an external candidate, while the rest are enroled in the 3 different options: Language and Literature, Economics and Social Science, Mathematics and Science.

As part of this specialization course, the students received 3 hours of Arts classes weekly taught by Mrs Bezançon, including 1 hour studying Arts theory and history, added to a 2-hour arts workshop during which they worked on their own project to be submitted at the end of the year.

The students chose a diversity of personal and eclectic themes to work on, such as Trauma, Laziness, Existence, Asian Superstitions or Feminism.

Visitors then got an opportunity to wander around 100 paintings, photographs, sculptures, linocuts, costumes and videos were created, all inspired by a selection of 20th century French artists.

Whether or not they decided to keep pursuing a degree in Arts after their graduation, all students showed they could master many different techniques and demonstrated great creativity when it came to both their project approach and execution.

Congratulations to all, wishing them all the best for next year!



To see full pictures selection, browse the gallery below.