2018 University destinations of our students

Students from class 2018 have been admitted in the best schools and universities all over the word.

The above figures show the number of universities that issued offers within each country.

Our students from both streams received a total of 271 conditional offers from British universities, with 173 offers from the Russell Group (64%).

Click here to look at the class of 2018 offers outside France.

Our students from the French stream received a total of 465 offers from higher education institutions in France including :

11  from Sciences Po Paris, 11 from IUT, 127 from Engineering schools, 24 from Business and Management schools, 62  from “Prépa” and 216 from universities (licence/PACES/CUPGE)…

Click here to look at the Class of 2018 offers in France.

We would like to congratulate all our students for these fantastic offers!