2018 FIS OWN Future Fair

For students in Y10 / 3ème to Y13 / Terminale

FIS organises, in partnership with OWN Academy, a FIS OWN Future Fair, to offer students the opportunity to find out more from inspiring professionals and start carving out their OWN path:

Saturday 1 December
9:30am to 12:30pm - registration starts at 9am
BPR Campus, 165 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley

Free entry. Please register here.

This year again, we have invited FIS parents and alumni to speak about their personal experiences and career trajectories, and they represent 25+ industries from 50+ professionals. Click here to know who's coming.

This event also serves as the first step to finding out internship opportunities for students.

FIS OWN Future Fair brings insight and represents the following industries:

1.     Architecture

2.     Arts and culture

3.     Aviation

4.     Business

5.     Careers in diplomacy

6.     Consultancy

7.     Cosmetics and perfumes

8.     Culinary Art

9.     Digital

10.  Education

11.  Entrepreneurship

12.  Events

13.  Finance

14.  French Administration

15.  Green economy

16.  Health and Wellness Careers: Doctor, Midwife, Osteopath, Ergonomist

17.  Hospitality

18.  Journalism

19.  Law

20.  Luxury

21.  Marketing 

22.  Philanthropy

23.  Psychology

24.  Real Estate

25.  Research careers

26.  Veterinary

This event is brought to you by French International School and OWN Academy.

Since 2015, OWN Academy has brought OWN Future Fair to more than 6 schools, inviting influential individuals from exciting startups and companies to share their stories and experiences to inspire more than 3,000 students and parent attendees.

OWN Academy is an education innovation company that supports schools and students with the new world learning opportunities in the areas of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We partner with industry leaders to design experiences, skills training programs, mentorship and internship matching that deliver exposure, knowledge and applicable 21st-century skills to students of diverse backgrounds.

Make sure your children do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover their passions and get inspired. Not to mention getting a potential internship!