1st and 3rd prizes for 2 FIS teams at the Nuit du Code 2018

The third Nuite du Code organised by the French School in Taipei took place on the 18, 19 and 20 May. Nine students from 2nde and 1ère took part.

In total, 50 students from the French Schools in Hong Kong, Ho Chi Min, Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo got together for this event.

Before showing up at the French School in Taipei on Saturday afternoon, the students enjoyed the Taiwanese capital visiting the Shilin Night Market, Taipei 101 and Songshan Cultural Creative Park.

After being welcomed by the Headmaster of the school, Jean-Yves Vesseau, and Jean-Yves Labouche, maths teacher and event organiser, the students got ready to work. They set up for 6 undisturbed hours of thinking, programming, tests, setbacks, modifications, good humour, chat, etc. all fuelled by pizzas, drinks and the encouragement of the judges who followed their work all night long.

In teams of 2 or 3, they had to programme a whole video game using the programme Scratch.  They were judged on playability, originality and the quality of the coding. Their IT classes in college with Cecil Lee were a huge help in putting their ideas into effect and creating original games. Exhausted but delighted, the students put the finishing touches to their creations around 11:30pm.

The judges and students met up again on Sunday morning to test all the games, mark and rank them.

 When the final results were revealed for the Nuit du Code 2018, two FIS HK teams were recognised with excellent 1st and 3rd place spots in the 3ème/2nde category.

You can take a look at and play all the games here.

All the tweets are here and the event video by a student from theTaipei school’s media team is here

Well Done everybody!