‘Learning through the soles of their feet’

Following Nathan Road for Year 12 IB Geography

On many tourists’ Hong Kong checklist is a visit to Kowloon and the famous shopping area and landmarks of Tsim Sha Tsui and Nathan Road. But how many people can actually say they have walked the entirety of this road? Year 12 geographers can ...

On Wednesday 16 May, thirteen Year 12 geographers visited this area, walking the entire length of Nathan Road, beginning in Salisbury Road and ending in Sham Shui Po. The purpose?  To both apply their understanding of land use models, microclimate and urban geography to this area and collect data for their internal assessments. The internal assessment is a core component of all IB subjects and in geography represents 20% of their grade at higher level and 25% at standard level.

The high temperatures, lengthy walking and the huge amount of sites (25 in total) created some challenges, but was no major obstacle for Year 12 as they displayed excellent team work skills, collecting a varied amount of accurate data in record time.