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Please help us enhance our facilities and enable FIS to continue to provide the very best for our students. Every donation makes a difference and shows younger generations the value of community service.

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Fonds des Amis

A general fund created by FIS which aims to support different school needs and improve our students’ experiences. This fund supports extra curricular projects such as sustainability, equipment provision (climbing wall), school trips, athletics, conferences…

Main figures: HK$1.5m raised in 2015

Example of allocation: Sustainability project HK$360k

In collaboration with Maker Bay, this project was aimed at providing students with an introduction to the invention process for technological items using a scientific approach. In this way, students from CM1 & Y5 created beach cleaners which pick up rubbish in the sand; wind turbines which can charge electronic devices and a balloon which detects the loss of heat or cold from buildings

Development Fund

This fund supports FIS development in two areas with the aim of providing the best educational environment for our students.

  • Annual improvements of equipment and facilities at the 4 campuses: Science & Language laboratories, libraries, student common room, gym, pool, auditorium.
  • Construction projects such as the new Tseung Kwan O campus or extension of Blue Pool Road.
    Dealing with the growth of Hong Kong’s French community and continuing to welcome new students are our key priorities.

Example of allocation: TKO ‘footprints’ to sponsor the TKO playground.

Solidarity Fund

Solidarity starts in our FIS community. As parents, students, teachers and staff, it is an important part of our educational experience. This fund is in place to give aid to others, both inside and outside of our community. Every year, FIS supports a number of registered charities both in Hong Kong and overseas through this fund. We are very proud of the fundraising efforts of our community.

Subject to strict financial criteria set by FIS, a family experiencing financial hardship can approach the school for assistance with fees and general costs of school life such as school supplies. This fund aims to help maintain the quality of a student’s school life during such periods of financial difficulty.

Main figures: HK$600k raised in 2015

Example of allocation: In 2015 donated HK$600k to the following charities: Box of Hope, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, Couleurs de Chine, Enfants du Mekong.

Targeted & Learning Support Fund

Welcoming all students regardless their difference is one of our main mission statements. Created in 2016, this fund aims to help and facilitate school life for students “educational and non-educational needs”. According to individual student requirements as agreed by the school and parents, this fund can help with dedicated solutions or individual assistance.

Main figures: HK$100k in 2016 (the first year) 

 Art & Culture Fund

Created in 2016, this fund aims to promote art and creativity within the 4 campuses. This fund will support projects between artists and students, art exhibitions inside the school, the promotion of Art in FIS and encourage students to develop their creativity.

Main figures: HK$2m raised in 2016