Lower Secondary

From 6ème to 3ème FIS provides a challenging curriculum as set out by the French Ministry of Education.

FIS offers several modern languages: English, Mandarin, German and Spanish.  The classical language, Latin, is an option from 5ème.

Education reform for schools

As part of the reform for schools (law of 8 July 2013), the organisation of the 4 lower secondary years was rethought. 6ème is now part of Cycle 3 in the National Curriculum and the 3 remaining years make up Cycle 4:

  • Cycle 1 : PS, MS, GS
  • Cycle 2 : CP, CE1, CE2
  • Cycle 3 : CM1, CM2, 6ème 
  • Cycle 4 : 5ème, 4ème, 3ème

This grouping of Primary and Lower Secondary into 4 cycles aims to make the school system comparable with those of other countries in OECD, Unesco, etc.

The aim in 6ème is to solidify the fundamentals of Primary and introduce students to subject areas and specific teaching methodologies for Secondary. From 5ème to 3ème, students deepen and extend their understanding and skills. 

A common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture

“A common foundation of knowledge and skills” outlines the elements that every student must know and be familiar with at the end of their compulsory schooling.

The 8 areas make up the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture that students need:

  1. Written and spoken French
  2. Mathematical, scientific and computer languages
  3. Representations of the world and human activity
  4. Foreign and regional languages
  5. Natural and technical systems
  6. The  Arts and body language
  7. Shaping the individual and citizens
  8. Methods and tools for learning

More details are available on the Ministry of Education Eduscol website.

Le Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB)

The DNB examination assesses knowledge attained by the end of Lower Secondary.

Further to the Collège (Lower Secondary) reform, the DNB comprises several written tests over two days and one oral test. Moreover, the grading is allocated between continuous assessment  of the 8 skills during the year and a final test.

More details are available on the Ministry of Education Eduscol website

Classes & Subjects

  • Core Subject
  • American Section (OIB)
  • Interdisciplinary Programmes
French Stream students follow the National Curriculum. From 5ème Latin is offered as an option – see the Language Learning page for more details about the languages offered.




History, Geography, Citizenship

Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Computing)

Arts and Music

PE and Sports

From 6ème, the OIB section has additional classes taught by native English speaking teachers.

Literature in English

Theatre in English

History and Geography in English

Further to the Collège (Lower Secondary) reform, there is emphasis on cross-subject programmes. The theme changes every term.

Classical Studies (5ème - Term1)

Ecology and sustainable development (5ème - Term2)

Personal, Social and Health Education (4ème - Term 1)

Culture and Artistic Creation (4ème - Term 2)

Foreign Languages (3ème - Term 1)

Science, Technology and Society (3ème - Term 2)