Lower Primary (RC-Y2)

Jardine's Lookout Campus / Tseung Kwan O Campus

Our aim is to ensure that students are provided with the highest quality, rewarding and enjoyable learning experiences created to foster students’ intellectual independence and develop them to be life-long learners. 

During these early years, FIS offers a holistic education based on the English National Curriculum and adapted for our international setting; our students learn about the world around them and acquire an understanding of their role as members of a global community who will lead happy, healthy and rewarding lives.

Ross Armitage
Head of Primary, International Stream

Message from the Head of Primary

Welcome to the International Stream – Primary School.

It is a privilege and pleasure to work with the whole school community. Our long-term aim is to provide our students with a happy, healthy and rewarding tomorrow.

As we prepare our students for our rapidly changing world, we need to provide activities that will develop in them the capabilities and adaptability that they will need to thrive in an unknown variety of circumstances; meeting each new challenge with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Through an active learning approach, FIS students develop empathy and resilience alongside the skills of teamwork, leadership and communication. These fundamental skills and attributes will not only equip them for the demands of secondary education but also for life itself.

At FIS, students, parents and staff work together to ensure that we all belong to a vibrant, caring community endeavouring to bring out the best in our students – look at our News to see our school in action!

Learning is fun!

As students gain their first exposure to more structured learning, our teachers work to provide a nurturing environment for the development of confident, enquiring young minds. Stimulating play-based activities encourage students to ask questions and develop a curiosity about the wider world. Students learn to be independent, creative and collaborative with opportunities to work alone and in groups.

Students follow Programmes for Learning from IEYC and IPC which establish the foundations of the essential skills, knowledge and understanding they will require as they progress through school. Each IEYP and IPC unit begin with an exciting Entry Point and end with an Exit Point where parents are invited to interact in the learning journey. In addition to numeracy and literacy, FIS students question the world around them and are exposed to a wide range of sports and arts. Instruction is provided in English.

Definition of play in IS Primary Early Years: A big part of our IEYC curriculum is play lead learning. Our reception teachers at TKO and JL work together to continually develop the IEYC. They have devised a definition of play for IS Primary: Play is a universal language that underpins the holistic development of every child. It is innate, enjoyable and unique, with endless possibilities. At FIS IS Primary every child has the right to explore, express and learn through play.


What do our students learn?

Our curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum, which provides structure and continuity through the I PROMISE Personal Profile and a benchmark for our high expectations. In addition children write their own IPC PERSONAL LEARNING GOAL each term. Our curriculum is organised into a variety of IEYC and IPC themes, all of which interconnect, as our student’s progress through the years. This is mapped carefully against the UK National Curriculum.  To ensure International Mindedness we focus of different cultures within the school and a degree of focus on the host country – Hong Kong.  

The IS Primary is an accredited IPC school. The accreditation report states:

The Accreditation team during observations noted that the learners were given choice in every lesson that they visited, which links to the school mission of developing confident, independent learners and this can be seen as a strength of the school.


Classes & Subjects

  • General
  • IEYC
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • French
  • IT
  • Music
  • Mandarin
  • PE
Learning to socialise with others and develop the key skills of listening, communicating, observing and reasoning. Students enjoy specialist teaching in French, Music, Mandarin and PE.

Our school is a proud International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) member. The IEYC is a research-based curriculum recognising global best practice in early childhood education and the developmental needs of 2-5 year olds. At FIS we provide IEYC in our Reception classes for children age 4 – 5.
The overarching aim is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping our students with a strong command of the spoken and written language and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment. Our curriculum is based on the latest English curriculum. Units are carefully planned in each year group to develop the students’ knowledge, skills and understanding. Units are based on key texts to deepen the student's love of language. We use Bug club, Bug club phonics and Wordsmith English via the Active Learn platform to enhance the students learning experience. Our students are growing up in an increasingly international world, and communication lies at the heart of every successful community. It is our aim that students develop these skills so that they can communicate effectively and creatively through the spoken word and written language. Students are enabled to express themselves creatively and imaginatively as they become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama, as well as of non-fiction and media texts. Students gain an understanding of how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins. Students follow a structured, balanced curriculum with the emphasis on independent writing increasing as they progress through the primary years in preparation for the next phase in their education.
At FIS we follow the English national curriculum and we use Abacus maths to support teaching and learning. Our principal aim is to nurture in our students a love of Mathematics. It is a subject that is vital for everyday life, and we want our students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them to appreciate how Mathematics fits into our world. We ensure that our students will develop a fascination for, and a real sense of enjoyment in, the subject by learning through structured play, investigations and discussions.
As students move through the primary years they will be able to confidently solve problems, reason mathematically and successfully perform investigations by drawing upon the mathematical experiences and knowledge gained through a rich, broad and exciting Mathematics curriculum. Mathematical learning at FIS allows students to deepen their understanding and master key concepts in preparation for their future.
The learning of French is an important part of life at FIS . Our programme fosters our students’ curiosity and deepens their understanding of their peers. Our teaching enables them to be efficient communicators and discover French culture. By the end of their schooling, they will become independent communicators, able to express their ideas and thoughts through speaking and in writing.

Our new immersive programme is currently implemented in RC to Year 3 at TKO, and in RC/Y1 at JL. In this programme, all classes benefit from the immersive pedagogy, offering co-teaching in IEYC and shared projects with the French stream classes.

All the children in Lower Primary benefit from 4 lessons of French a week, in small groups, adapted to the IEYC/ IPC curriculum.
Our IT curriculum is designed to prepare the students for the 21st Century. We have class sets of IPads in Reception & Y1 and class sets of google chrome books in Y2 – Y6. Students use IT as a learning tool throughout the curriculum. Our IT specialist teaches IT skills related to IEYC/IPC where possible. The students will experience units in coding, programming and E-Safety in a carefully planned whole school curriculum plan. The students also have access to Active Learn an online learning platform from RC to Y6.
Pupils from Reception through to Year 6 receive classroom music lessons from a specialist teacher. The curriculum is tailored to enable pupils to develop a range of skills in performing, composing and appraising on a variety of instruments, including un-tuned and tuned percussion, recorders, ukuleles and keyboards. Lessons focus upon a wide range of topics including music theory, history of music, world music, ensemble and choral performances, as well as links to topics within the IPC.
The Mandarin programme provides opportunities for students to learn basic and intermediate phrases that can be applied to their daily language. It aims to help students develop communicatively competent oral language and gain a greater appreciation of the Chinese language and culture.
We want our students to be happy and healthy. The PE programme is delivered by a specialist teacher and specialist swimming teachers. PE is matched where possible to IEYC/IPC. Students are enabled and encouraged to take part in a range of inter-house and interschool sports competitions and sports days. The school also offers a developing range of sports Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs). Each Primary campus is equipped with a swimming pool and gym. We also use sporting facilities around Hong Kong throughout the year.

Activities and Trips

FIS encourages students to challenge themselves, work together and shine in a wide variety of non-classroom settings. In lower primary, students enjoy outside visits and excursions to concerts, linked to IEYC and IPC for example. There are also school wide art, music and sports projects for them to join as well as various extra-curricular activities.