Health Matters

The Medical Room is an area where students are welcomed and have a chance to talk privately and confidentially to our Health Assistants.

The good health of students is very important for success at school and is the priority of our health provision. At least one health assistant is present during school hours on each of our campus.


​What health assistants do at school?

The Health Assistants give first aid on a daily basis and in emergencies arising from incidents or accidents during school hours. They administer medicine for serious conditions requiring a Personal Medical Plan as well as short term prescription medicines.

The Health Assistants also work with canteen staff and student welfare. They give nutrition advice and monitor students with food allergies.

Parents must set up a Personalised Medical Plan (PMP) with the Health Assistants and the Head of Campus for children with severe allergies requiring emergency medical treatment in case of accidental ingestion. 

In addition they are responsible for preparing specific information programmes for students which take place during school hours. As part of the Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme, they lead prevention and health education campaigns throughout the year.