Prepare Required Documents

  • Copy of Applicant's ID card / Passport
  • Copy of Applicant’s birth certificate
  • Passport photo
    A recent passport-sized photo
  • School certificate and School reports (for CE1 to Terminale)
    A copy of the applicant’s 3 most recent reports.
  • Visa information
    Status and if possible visa number
  • Payment receipt of HK$ 2,200 Application fee

Application Fee: HK$2,200 (starting from September 1st, 2019)

Income from this one-off fee is intended to cover the administrative and staff costs associated with management of our rolling application process (including campus allocation).

Bank Transfer Details*:

Please click here for the payment details.

*Bank charges should be paid by the remitter. For tracking your payment, copy of the bank receipt must be sent to receivables@lfis.edu.hk.  



The online application cannot be submitted without uploading the required documents including payment receipt of HK$ 2,200 Application Fee. An incomplete form cannot be saved.

Once the application is sent, your registration is effective.

Apply for French Stream MS to CP Apply for French Stream CE1 to Terminale

Please not that the application by paper form may take UP TO 3 WEEKS, once it's been received.

Please send the application form to the address below together with the HK$ 2,200 application fee and the required documents.


French International School
Admissions Department
34 Price Road, 
Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong

What Happens Next?


Information Processed

Upon completion of information and payment processing, applicants are assigned to the waiting list pending admissions assessment (step 6).


Waiting List

Priority is given to French and Swiss passports holders. Then the registration date of application is the reference for the waiting list.


Admissions Assessment

No assessment is normally required. However, a test might be necessary to place a student from a non AEFE school in the correct year group.


Place Offered

A place will be offered if and when it becomes available. Applicants will remain on the waiting list until this time.


Payment of Deposit and Debenture

In order to secure your child's place, FIS must be in receipt of the following:



A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of HK$25,000 is required at the time of acceptance. This sum will be offset from tuition fees. Non payment of the deposit will result in cancellation of the offer.


Debenture (refundable)

Category A - Corporate HK$250,000

Category B - Private HK$90,000

Further information on Debenture page

Bank Transfer

French International School

005 01612454108000 for payment with Clearing House Automated Transfer System (CHATS)

005 01612454108000 for payment with Faster Payment System (FPS) 

Swift Code: CRLYHKHH

Bank: Credit Agricole CIB, Hong Kong Branch 30/F, Two Pacific Place


Compulsory Documents

1. Copy of the student's visa

2. Leaver's Certificate (provided by the most recent school)

3. School reports


Welcome to FIS

We are confident you and your child will enjoy being part of the vibrant French International School community.


Suellen Sananikone

Head of Admissions department

Julien Esnault

Admissions Manager, French Stream

Zoey Wan

Admissions Assistant, French Stream