Which curriculum is your school following?

Our students attending the French stream follow the French National Curriculum as set by the French Education Department, the final exams are the Diplome National du Brevet (DNV) and the French baccalaureate.
Our students attending the International stream follow an English language education based on the English National Curriculum International and IPC/ EYPC in Primary and IMYC in Secondary. The final exams are the IGCSE and the Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).


How much is the assesment fee and what does it cover?

Our assessment fees are the following:

  • For pupils applying to International stream: HK$1,000 per student
  • For pupils applying to French stream and selected by FIS to join bilingual parity basis system or SIA in Primary: HK$500 per student

The assessment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, whether the assessment is successful or unsuccessful and must be settled prior to the assessment day. It covers the admissions assessment and all related administrative tasks.
This fee is only valid for one academic year. If an applicant does not gain admission, and thus reapplies for the next academic year, the testing fee must be paid again.
Settlement of the assessment fee shall be made via bill payment, bank transfer, online credit card payment or cheque prior to the assessment. FIS reserves the right not to accept an applicant on the day of the assessment if the fee is not settled.


We don’t speak French at home in our family, can we still apply?

All families are welcome to apply!
There are a lot of non-French and non-French speaking families currently at FIS, our school gathers more than 40 nationalities.
No need to speak French to join our International stream where learnings are taught in English and your child will learn progressively French as foreign language.
And if you are applying for the French stream while no-one speaks French in your family, please contact our Admissions team and we will arrange first an informal meeting with you to understand your motivations behind your application and discuss together whether it is possible or not.


I applied at FIS and communicated a specific campus preference but a place was offered to my child but in another campus, when can I apply for a transfer ?

Once you have accepted our Admission offer, we will contact you should a vacancy arises in the desired campus before the 30th of September of that school year.
After this date, you will still have the opportunity to inform our school if you wish your child to transfer campus for next school year. We will provide a form to fill during the school year. Transfers for the next school year are subject to availability.

For HK passport holders, in accordance with the Education Bureau and Immigration Department regulations, our school has a quota for Hong Kong passport holders for the Tseung Kwan O campus in place. Consequently, we may not be able to offer a place for this campus to Hong Kong passport holders. Should your child hold any other passport, please inform our admissions team as soon as possible.


My child does not hold an HK visa yet, will he/she be able to start school?

Your child does not need to hold an HK visa throughout the Admission process.
Then, in accordance with the Education Bureau and Immigration Department’s regulations, only students in possession of a valid immigration status or visa can be enrolled in Hong Kong schools.
Failing this, the French International School of Hong Kong will not be able to accept your child to enter the school's premises.


Can I defer my application ?

Your application is valid for the year group and a specific school year you applied for.
You will be able to defer this application once. The date of application will then be amended to the date you notify us of the deferral. A further deferral will not be allowed, and you will need to re-apply to our school.
If your child has not been invited for an assessment or offered a place for the school year and year group you applied for, your child will remain automatically on the waiting list for the next academic year.


Should I need to pay an application fee?

FIS requires the payment of an application fee in order to complete your child's application.
Settlement of the application fee shall be made via bill payment, bank transfer, online credit card payment or cheque
This fee is levied to recover the costs incurred for the processing and administration of applications under the School’s admission procedures.
Please note that this fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


What is your teacher/students ratio?

It depends on the year group. For instance, Reception year/Moyenne Section have one teacher as well as teaching assistant for 25 students. You can also include all specialist teachers (FLE, English as second language, Mandarin).
Rest assured your child is well supported!


My child can't be in Hong Kong to attend the assessment, can it be deffered?

As the format of assessment varies for each stream and for each year group, please notify us when you receive the assessment invitation and if you cannot attend for this reason.
We will try our best, even though not guaranteed, to arrange another assessment date and/or a different format of assessment accordingly.


I am not sure in which grade level should my child apply?

You can refer to our age guideline where you will find quickly, based on the date of birth of your child and school year you wish to apply, which year group it corresponds to.