Any financial period that has been started must be paid in full.

The financial periods are as follows:

1st period: from 1st September to 31st December

2nd period: from 1st January to 31st March

3rd period: from 1st April to 30th June


Leaving Notice Period

The leaving notice deadline for departure at the end of the 1st financial period is 31stOctober.

The leaving notice deadline for departure at the end of the 2nd financial period is 31stJanuary.

The leaving notice deadline for departure at the end of the 3rd financial period is 31st March for the International Stream and 30thApril for the French Stream.

As the school year ends in June, the family of a student not returning at the start of the school year in September must give notice to the school by the 30th April at the latest. The months of July and August are not taken into account, as FIS is closed during this period.  

Withdrawal and Penalty

The “Student Withdrawal Notice” has been introduced as the official document for parents to inform the French International School of the withdrawal of their child from the school. To withdraw a student from the French International School, the student withdrawal notice form must be submitted no less than 2 months before the start of the next financial period. Withdrawal notification by other means such as email, letter or verbal notice will not be deemed official.

Failure to give the requisite amount of notice will result in a penalty equivalent to 2 months’ school fees and the School reserves the right to deduct these monies from the redemption value of the debenture.

In order to withdraw a student, please complete and submit the Student Withdrawal Notice form to Admissions Office via email at for the international Stream and,hk for the French Stream.

Returning school document (French Stream only)

An EXEAT (leaving certificate), the academic and medical records of the student will be returned to the family by the admissions office subject to the complete settlement of all monies with the School Accounting Department. 

Cancellation of student withdrawal

Parents are required to inform the school in writing before the last date of attendance. The cancellation may be declined as it will depend on the availability of a school place for the student.

Debenture refund procedure 

A refund request form and the original debenture certificate must be returned to Mrs Lydia Harvey, School Management Secretary (Debentures) by email ( 

The full value of the debenture is refunded when the student’s withdrawal from School is confirmed and all outstanding bills have been paid in full.

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