Please advise the Admissions Department as early as possible in order to withdraw your child from FIS.

A withdrawal notice should be sent to the Admissions Department before the below deadlines:

  • 31 October for departure at the end of Term 1 (1st financial period)
  • 31 January for departure at the end of Term 2 (2nd financial period)
  • 31 March for departure at the end of Term 3 (3rd financial period)

Please compete the Student Withdrawal Form available in the related resources and send it by email to:

Only withdrawal notices which are submitted as described will be taken into account. 


Withdrawal Procedure

  • Financial settlement before departure

Every term started must be paid in full.

In cases where the above deadlines are not respected, a penalty corresponding to 2 months of school fees will be invoiced and could be deducted from the value of the debenture.

  • Cancellation of Withdrawal Request

Parents must advise the Admissions Department by email of a possible cancellation request before the student’s last school day.

Cancellation requests depend on the number of available places at FIS and may be refused if no places are available.

  • Debenture Refund

Please complete the Debenture Redemption Request Form available in related resources. This form and the original Debenture Certificate must be sent by post to the following address:

French International School

Debenture Department

165 Blue Pool Road

Happy Valley

Hong Kong

For Corporate Debentures (Type A), the holding company should carry out the refund procedure.

For Private Debentures (Type B), the debenture holder should carry out the refund procedure.

The full value of the Debenture will be refunded when the student’s departure from school has been confirmed and all outstanding invoices has been paid in full.  

For any questions, please contact the Debenture Department on