The Board

The French International School of Hong Kong (FIS) is a not-for-profit school, created, co-shared and managed by the parents.

FIS is the only accredited French school in Hong Kong under the Agency For French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) convention whose role is to ensure that the curriculum delivered in the French Stream follows the French Education system. This convention also stipulates that the Headmaster is appointed by AEFE. Therefore, the pedagogical side of the school is placed directly under the umbrella of the French Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

What is the FIS Victor Segalen Association Ltd?

The “French International School 'Victor Segalen' Association Limited” is a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, incorporated in Hong Kong on 20 November 1979.

Anyone holding a debenture, individual or corporate, is de facto a member. 

The Association holds a General Meeting once a year and members are invited to another information meeting during the school year. The “French International School 'Victor Ségalen' Association Limited" manages the non-educational aspects of FIS in Hong Kong.

The Board

As an independent, non-profit school, The French international School (FIS) is managed by a Board comprising 13 members maximum: 12 parents elected for 3 years and Consulate General of France as well as invited members from the consulate and the French Chamber of Commerce. These Board members are all volunteers and do not receive any financial compensation from FIS for their involvement.

The Board is in charge of defining the school’s strategy and ensuring its financial and legal position as well as defining the lines of management for Human Resources, Development, Marketing and Communications. The elected parents and members of the Board take the success and transparency of their management very seriously. It meets formally six to eight times a year. 

The Board accounts for the management and the use of funds to the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting. The current President of the Board, Clément Brunet-Moret, has held this position since 22 June 2018. Based in Asia since 1999, he is a father of 2 children, who are both students at FIS.

The Board's objectives are :

  • Provide academic excellence
  • Offer a well-being environment to our students
  • Be accredited by the Ministry of Education for the French stream
  • Welcome all children from the French community
  • Ensure the FIS financial sustainability
  • Bring transparency and stability within the community

Board Members since September 1st, 2019

Join the Board and its Committees

All FIS parents can join a committee and / or put themselves forward for the Board. The members of the Board and parent representative for the School Councils will be elected during the Annual General Meeting.

Parents have a unique opportunity to contribute to the management of the non-teaching aspects of the school. 

Oversight of the management of the Association by elected parents allows the teaching teams to concentrate on the education of the children who have been entrusted to them.

If you would like to join the Board or find out about its workings and the committees, please contact