Gold Tickets to the Junior World Maths Competition

Sylvia Lai

At the Junior Mathematics Competition (JMC), 8 of our students showcased their remarkable achievements.  The students included: Y9B Joyce Lau, Y10A Ying Lau, Y10A Walter Oh, Y11A Michelangelo Dealberti, Y11A […]

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Issue 45: 24/11/2023

[Register by 27 Oct] International Maths Challenge (IMC)

Andy Chan

Register your child to take the International Maths Challenge – Open to all grades and streams! Yes, this is open to all students from Year 2 through to Year 13. […]

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Issue 41: 20/10/2023

Mathematics Kangaroo Competition Hong Kong

Andy Chan

Mathematics Kangaroo Competition Hong Kong has announced its competition dates for 2023. This competition is open to all year groups Y7-13. JOIN IN THE MATHEMATICAL FUN! 😀 Date of competition: […]

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Issue 19: 17/2/2023

Semaine des Mathématiques

Sébastien Paris

La semaine des Mathématiques 2023 a débuté le lundi 6 mars et se tient jusqu’au mercredi 15 mars. À cette occasion, les élèves de collège s’attaqueront au deuxième marathon Sam’s […]

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Issue 21: 10/3/2023