EDB: Health Protocol Update

Issue 8: 11/11/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner

Dear Parents, The Education Bureau (EDB) released an updated health protocol on Wednesday, 8th November and we are pleased to announce that dividers in the cafeteria are no longer required. The dividers will be removed on Monday (except for canteens serving Amber Code students). In this same update, the EDB emphasizes the importance of vaccination […]

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SPORT: An original sporting and cultural trail!

Issue 7: 28/10/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner, French Stream, International Stream Notices (Upcoming Events)

The Coastal Trail Challenge is back, and you’re invited to participate! An iconic 65-km-long loop around Hong Kong Island divided into 8 stages, the Coastal Trail is a unique hiking trail. Walking the trail is a wonderful way to (re)discover the city’s abundant history, heritage, greenery and, of course, its scenic shores. For more information: […]

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Covid 19 Certificate of Vaccination – Update

Issue 6: 21/10/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner

Dear Parents, You now have the possibility to register Covid-19 infection certificates on the Parent Portal. In Hong Kong, people who have been infected with Covid-19 can be exempted from one dose of vaccine (subject to presentation of an “Isolation order”). CHP/EDB: “A person who has been infected with COVID-19 requires one less dose of […]

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Konstantin GOLDAU: counsellor for the International Stream students at Tseung Kwan O and Blue Pool Road campus

Issue 5: 14/10/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner

Firstly, I wanted to thank everybody for welcoming me so warmly here at FIS. I’m very excited to take over the role of counsellor for the international stream students at Tseung Kwan O and Blue Pool Road campus. Originally, I hail from south Germany, which I left after completing my first Master degree in Media […]

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[Covid-19] Notification of contact and positive cases to Covid 19 at FIS

Issue 3: 30/9/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner

Dear Members of the School Community,  In order to ease the reporting of contact cases and Covid-19 positive cases at FIS, a notification system via two electronic forms has been implemented.  Positive cases and contact cases should now be reported via the forms below:  [COVID-19] FIS- Positive Cases Report [COVID-19]  FIS- Close Contact Report FIS  […]

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Introduction of the school psychologist – French Stream Secondary

Issue 2: 23/9/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner

I obtained my title of psychologist in 2015. I specialise in neuropsychology. Eager to learn, I followed my formation with a thesis on the comprehension and communication of health documents. I worked in different secondary schools in France. I am committed to always working in collaboration with my colleagues in order to ensure together that […]

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[Covid-19] Recommended vaccine doses for children in Hong Kong

Issue 1: 16/9/2022 Health & Wellbeing Corner

The Hong Kong health authorities strongly encourage vaccination against Covid-19, especially for children. In particular, vaccination is mandatory for a student to participate in extracurricular activities. However, between the different colour codes, the recovery QR codes, the number of different doses depending on the vaccine and the age, it is not always easy to understand. […]

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