Rise of the Robots (Part 2)

Issue 11: 2/12/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

Last week, I examined some of the external challenges and opportunities posed by technology. For teaching the impact is equally massive, it will not be immune from the onslaught of technology. Recently, Promethean trialed the use of an interactive hologram teacher in London. Called the Humagram, it is described as very life-like and interactive. There […]

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Rise of the Robots

Issue 10: 25/11/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

I am sure that we have all watched TV shows like Westworld in which robots or AI gain sentience and seek to overthrow humanity. Many movies repeat this trope and sound a warning bell for us all. It is certainly true to say that automation, machine learning and robotics are playing a larger role in […]

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Active Learning

Issue 9: 18/11/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

In my first article in this series I mentioned that there were a set of skills and competencies that would be successful in the future. One of those was active learning. What is meant by this amorphous phrase? Firstly, there is less emphasis on a teacher dominated by ‘chalk and talk’ lesson format. This is […]

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Issue 8: 11/11/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

In previous articles, I have been tracing the skills required for success in the 21st century and what schools and parents can do to nurture and develop these skills. This week, I will examine the role of collaboration. Back in the day, (my day at least!) students sat in rows, with a desk each and […]

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Issue 7: 28/10/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

Last  week I wrote about critical thinking and its importance. This week I want  to address another attribute as identified by the OECD, that of creativity. Traditionally, across the world,  there has always been a clear, but unhelpful hierarchy of subjects as delivered by most school systems, usually with maths, language and science at the […]

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Critical Thinking

Issue 6: 21/10/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

Last week, I wrote about the basic changes that education worldwide is undergoing and the reasons why. I also identified the key skills that the World Economic Forum presented as crucial for students to be equipped with on their educational journey. Similarly, the OECD has produced a paper outlining a conceptual learning framework, Skills for […]

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The future of education

Issue 5: 14/10/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

For many years now schools around the world have been undergoing a foundational change in what, how and why they teach what they teach. The old model is of teachers teaching (telling) students a finite amount of knowledge and students repeating that knowledge at some future point. It could be summed up by, write fast, […]

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The most famous person you (probably) don’t know

Issue 4: 7/10/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

This week I want to focus on a person who recently had more Google searches than Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. You may not have heard of him. His name is Andrew Tate. Tate is a British/American former kickboxer who is now one of the biggest influencers on the internet. He is a […]

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Student Wellbeing

Issue 3: 30/9/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

I think that one of the saddest sights of many sad sights during the pandemic was the closure of children’s play areas in Hong Kong. They were taped off like crime scenes and no one was using the swings, slides and exercise machines. As a result, what many of us suspected was that students’ emotional […]

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Let me Learn

Issue 2: 23/9/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

Our school mission and vision clearly references the concept of global mindedness, twice in fact. I think that most international schools do. It is delivered in a variety of ways, through the curriculum, through types of service and the celebration of different cultures at specific times to mention a few. What we are sometimes guilty […]

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Life long Learning

Issue 1: 16/9/2022 Deputy Head of School (I. Clayton)

Most schools around the world will have as part of their mission/vision to promote the concept of life long learning in their students. The idea is that school is, of course, important for learning but that real learning continues for one’s life time. Recently, a man called Derek Skipper from the UK took this fully […]

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