International Stream: Secondary

University Global Outreach: Part 2

Last week I wrote about how our expert University Guidance Team work hard to ensure that students in the school get the best advice which leads to two fantastic outcomes: offers from over 120+ universities from a wide range of countries around the globe, and high admission rates for FIS students to the top-end institutions […]

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    Student-Staff Sports Match

    On Thursday evening after school, our young volleyball players (from the volleyball ECA), coached by Georgie Boost and Sylvia Lai, faced a team of different staff from FIS. The students, well-trained and galvanised by their experience in school competitions, gave a hard time to the staff team lacking tactical know-how and ‘springiness’ in comparison to […]

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    Netball Game

    The Y11 (IGCSE) Girls performed amazingly against Hong Kong International School. The score tells it all. Very impressed and proud.

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