International Stream: Secondary

University Global Outreach: Part 2

Last week I wrote about how our expert University Guidance Team work hard to ensure that students in the school get the best advice which leads to two fantastic outcomes: offers from over 120+ universities from a wide range of countries around the globe, and high admission rates for FIS students to the top-end institutions […]

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    Battle of the Books

    Attention To All Bookworms! Have you ever felt the need to go on and on about a book you’ve read? Are your friends sick of you explaining plot after plot? Do you relate to book characters that no one else knows? Well then maybe you should check out the Battle of the Books club! Students […]

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    Writing Contest: “Ma madeleine de Proust”

    On the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Marcel Proust’s death, the librarians are offering a contest to middle and high school students to tell a childhood memory. A smell, a taste, an object, a landscape or even a melody… We all have our own “Proust’s madeleines”, which were sprinkled throughout our […]

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    Results of the Library Halloween Contest (TKO/BPR)

    The librarians recently held a Halloween-themed writing contest, for which 6e-3e/Y7-Y10 students were asked to write a short scary story. Each sentence had to begin with 1 of the 10 letters of the word “C.I.T.R.O.U.I.L.L.E” or 1 of the 7 letters of the word “P.U.M.P.K.I.N” Congratulations to Alice Y. (5e) and Jayden L. (Y8) from […]

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    Student-Staff Sports Match

    On Thursday evening after school, our young volleyball players (from the volleyball ECA), coached by Georgie Boost and Sylvia Lai, faced a team of different staff from FIS. The students, well-trained and galvanised by their experience in school competitions, gave a hard time to the staff team lacking tactical know-how and ‘springiness’ in comparison to […]

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    Inclusion Day – 8th November 2022

    Thank you to everyone for your participation in the Inclusion Day event on 8th November. The pedagogical and administrative teams, as well as a large number of students, came dressed in blue to mark their commitment to the fight against harassment, discrimination and bullying in schools and on social networks. Our students had the opportunity […]

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    Our FIS swimming team in competition!

    After 2 years of absence, the FIS swimming team returned to the competition on the occasion of the inter-school championship organised by the HKSSF (HK Schools Federation). About 40 international and local schools competed for 2 days with many individual and team relay events at the Olympic pool in Victoria Park. 8 FIS swimmers represented […]

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    FISMUN Delegation at CDNISMUN

    On Friday 16th September, 14 intrepid FIS delegates representing countries ranging from Australia to Saudi Arabia journeyed to Canadian International School to participate in the 7th CDNIS Model United Nations. The students have been preparing over the summer holidays and we have traditionally performed very well, and this year was no exception. After nerve-wracked opening […]

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    School Choir (Y7-Y10/6ème-3ème) during lunch break

    School choir for our BPR and TKO students from Y7 to Y10 and 6ème-3ème The music repertoire will contain contemporain French and English songs. A first concert is planned for December and the second one in June Rehearsals BPR Campus: every Tuesday from 11:50am to 12:30pm or from 12:50pm to 1:30pm TKO Campus: every Wednesday […]

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