French Stream: Early Years / Primary

FS Primary Update

Delegate Council Right now on all three Primary campuses, class representatives are meeting. During these meetings, the elected representatives share their ideas for games to be played in the playground during recess. We are also discussing the canteen, mentioning the good points and the areas to be improved upon, in preparation of the canteen commission, […]

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    Football Tournament

    The Primary Vie Scolaire organised a football tournament that started last Thursday, 20th October, during the lunch break. Students (from CE1/Y3 to CM2/Y6) came to register their teams at the beginning of the week. They will face all the teams of their level in 10-minute matches, which will be refereed by the students or by […]

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    Deadline to order your picture package – Chai Wan

    An order form with a “unique code” has been distributed to your child in order to select the package photo you wish to receive.  Please place your order before 25th October 2022 by following the steps below:  Online order: make sure you have your unique code and click here Paper order: send your form filled […]

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    CM2 in Jardine’s

    Our CM2A had the great pleasure of introducing the elections to the students in cycle 2 and holding the polling station in Jardine’s Lookout.  

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    Chai Wan on the banks of the Nile

    On the occasion of the bicentenary of the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone by Jean-François Champollion, our CM1 and CM2 students from Chai Wan looked into the art of hieroglyphics. Documentaries, riddles and crossword puzzles were on the programme, and students ended up creating a papyrus bookmark with their first name.

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    Class representatives

    On Wednesday 12h October, CM2A French stream students from Chai Wan will be going to Jardine’s to introduce and organise the class representative elections for the CPC, CE1C, CE2A and CE2C.

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