Mobile phone or not?

Issue 60: 19/4/2024 Strategic Objective: From the Principal

Sometimes it is part of the back-to-school package when entering 6ème, just like buying school supplies. Sometimes it is already present in primary school, and sometimes parents resist for a few more years. In any case, it always raises questions and sometimes leads to conflicts. We are talking about the mobile phone!

With only a few months left before starting middle school, many parents are questioning the relevance of buying a mobile phone. It serves as a source of security and enables multiple exchanges, making it a preferred communication tool for both parents and children.

Being a very personal tool, it becomes a part of children’s private lives. Yes, it is their private life, but it should not hinder their social life; it should not isolate them, but bring them closer. It should facilitate informative and constructive exchanges while promoting self-protection and respect for others. However, it is not always easy for young people to follow good examples, to use it with moderation, and not to get lost for hours in the multitude of websites.

Therefore, the question is not whether to have a phone or not, but rather how to use it, with whom, for what purposes, and with what limitations. It is important for parents to discuss these limitations within the family, so that they are understood, accepted, and applied.

Our health service organizes parent coffee mornings on this topic every year to facilitate reflection, as well as awareness sessions for students on the proper use of social networks. Yes to a mobile phone, but let’s talk about it!

Marion Coupat
Principal of Secondary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)