Screens … A little? A lot? Madly?

Issue 60: 19/4/2024 Strategic Objective:

Learning to do without screens means first learning to use them.

So how can we support children and teenagers in their daily and sometimes compulsive use of screens?

Dr Serge Tisseron is a renowned French psychiatrist, psychologist and writer, whose research and writings have had a profound influence on the field of child and adolescent psychology and new technologies. In 2008, he developed the “3/6/9/12 pour apprivoiser les écrans et grandir” (3/6/9/12 to tame screens and grow up) guidelines (Family Online Safety Institute FOSI Award 2013).  In late february, Dr Tissseron did  a conference for FIS parents. Auto-generated and translated subtitles are available in French and English via the settings cog.

Claire Chartrain
Acting Deputy Head of Secondary-FS, TKO Campus