Ma Petite Planete completion of Ecological challenges

Issue 60: 19/4/2024 Strategic Objective: , Tseung Kwan O News (Reflections and Achievements)

GS/Y1/MS students celebrated the closure of this year’s annual ‘Ma Petite Planete / M.P.P.’ with a jolly GS/Y1/MS Agora assembly. This term family and helper volunteers also joined in with the mixture of M.P.P. ecological home and school challenges, by uploading photos onto our collective class slides from home.  All classes were congratulated for taking part this year and the recycled trophy was presented to the winners in another ceremony.

In our gardening unit, with ‘Farmhouse Productions’ all term students have been creating their own hydroponic planters out of recycled bottles, planting vegetable seeds, creating, adding to and observing a compost heap, decorating oyster shells, learning about why it is important to use ugly vegetables and fruits and making their own rolled beeswax candle gifts for friends and family.

It was a world-saving term, filled with ecological  fun!


Donna-Marie Mitchell
Primary Teacher / Villa Leader