Visit to HKU

Issue 55: 1/3/2024 Jardine's Lookout News (Reflections and Achievements)

On Wednesday 21 February, the CM1 SIA classes from Jardine’s Lookout set off to discover the treasures of the University of Hong Kong. They were able to visit the wonderful and rich biodiversity museum set up by Dr Benoit Guénard. The pupils were given a guided tour by two tutors from Dr Guénard’s department and observed the beauty of Hong Kong’s animal species through the micoscope. The two classes also wandered through the galleries of the University Art Museum to get to know the cultural and artistic heritage highlighted by the permanent collections. The day was rounded off with an orienteering course using a map of the site. The day’s discoveries also included a meeting with Dr Guénard, who was on hand to answer all the children’s questions, and Dr Astri Andersson, a specialist in cockatoos, a species endemic to Hong Kong, who came to meet the pupils and answer their thirst for knowledge.

Natalie BELBIN & Soazig MARTEIL
Primary Teachers