Educational Assistants

Issue 55: 1/3/2024 From the Principal

I’m delighted to share this message with you from the BPR and TKO campus educational assistants, explaining their missions and the spirit that drives them on a daily basis, working closely with students. It’s also an opportunity to thank them for their essential work:

An AED or Education Assistant is first and foremost a member of the Vie Scolaire team at secondary school.

The department is responsible for administrative follow-up (checking attendance, late arrivals, resolving conflicts between students, liaising with parents and teachers, etc.).

At FIS, we’re a close-knit team who know how to listen, be available, tolerant and responsible, even if we sometimes have to use our authority!

But beyond our mission to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, the AEDs supervise students during all out-of-class time; we also participate in the implementation of the school’s educational policy by leading class life hours, supervising classes when a teacher is absent, dedicating hours to learning French (FLsco), providing support for students in difficulty, organizing projects and educational outings with the teaching team, a citizenship referent, leading the CVC and CVL (Conseil de Vie Collégienne/Lycéenne).

In addition, Vie Scolaire offers a wide range of activities: publication of a newspaper with the help of the students, organization of a monthly photo competition, sports tournaments, loan of board games… As you can see, our tasks are as rich as they are varied.

The AEDs are a bit like the Swiss Army knife of the collège and lycée, and we put a lot of energy into our day-to-day work in close collaboration with the teachers, the CDI and the health department, to ensure that your children’s schooling takes place in the best possible conditions, and always with a smile.

Fabienne, Kim, Duc, Alex, Noémie, Virginie, Aline, Susana, Seydou, Fabrice, Romain, Ludovic, Caroline, Béatrice, Suzana, Samuel, Julie.


Marion Coupat
Principal of Secondary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)