Staff Spotlight: Isabelle Bezançon

Issue 55: 1/3/2024 Strategic Objective: ,

The Staff Spotlight series was introduced to both recognise the hard work of our staff who go above and beyond throughout the year, as well as introduce them to the wider school community, outside of their respective stream or department.

Each issue of Le Bulletin will shine a light on our talented and supportive staff from across the entire school (Leadership, Early Years, Primary, Secondary, French Stream, International Stream, Administration) with some “fun facts” and a Q&A that will allow the community to get to know them on a more personal level.

In this issue, we have Ms Isabelle BEZANÇON.

Fun Facts

  • Job Title: Head of Arts  French stream – Secondary Visual Arts Teacher ( IGCSE & IB)
  • Department: Both French and international sections, I could not choose between the 2!
  • Campus: BPR
  • Subjects taught : Arts as Speciality, IGCSE Art & Design, IB Visual Arts
  • Nationality: French
  • Languages Spoken: French, English, Spanish


1. How long have you worked at FIS?

Do I have to answer? OMG! I just left New York and I first land in Kai Tak airport 28 years ago…and I survived…FIS  !

2. In a few words, what’s the most rewarding thing about working at FIS?

My students! They are creative, curious, passionate about the Arts and they become the artists and designers of tomorrow.

3. What is the best thing that has happened to you this year (at FIS)?

Ouhlala, but there are too many things! I really enjoyed the opening at Christies, for the charity sale with Make It Work HK, with 5 of my students who were able to exhibit and offer their canvas for a great cause. The fashion show organised by Tiffany ( in Terminale) at the 60th Anniversary Gala, was beautiful! And the paintings of icons for the future mural and sold at this evening were very successful. I can’t wait to finish the Mural of the 60th with my dedicated “high school team” … the best is yet to come!

4. What hobbies / interests do you have?

I have a hard time staying in place and doing nothing… I like to read, draw, take pictures, go to the movies, walk, travel, visit cultural places, watch the ocean … and dream!

5. Best thing about living in Hong Kong?

Safety, diversity, people, efficient transport, very varied food, the unique combination of tradition and modernity that characterises the city. Hong Kong offers spectacular natural beauty, skyscrapers, mountains, and the sea. This city is amazing!

6. Favourite type of food or cuisine?

I don’t eat meat  (not sorry!)… but I love Asian cuisine… sushi, dim sum, spring rolls, fish in general (I have “Breton” blood!) crab or king prawns, pomelo salad… a great deal!

7. Favourite book or movie?

I have several, reading feeds the soul and the imagination!

«Les Villes invisibles» by Italo Calvino, is a jewel! Paul Auster, Edgar Poe, Daniel Pennac Balzac, are my favourite authors. Verlaine, Rimbaud, and Kundera also …there are many!

As for the films I have always been fascinated by those of Peter Greenaway, especially «Prospero’s Books». But also, those of Stanley Kubrick, Pedro Almodóvar, Terry Gilliam or Wong Kar Wai.

I am also very sensitive and I can cry while watching animated films… «Kirikou», or «Azur and Asmar» by Michel Ocelot for example.

8. If you could pick any superpower, what would it be and why?

Like Wonder Woman, I would like to possess the power of super-speed and the ability to fly. And with the Lasso of Truth I could compel anyone to tell the truth … Risky no?

Trevor Wilcox
Senior Creative Marketing Manager