A new frontier – unity in vision at FIS

Issue 55: 1/3/2024

A new frontier – unity in vision at FIS

In both marketing and education people are affected by storytelling. This past week I was deeply affected by the storytelling of the #OneFIS community.

My first week was dynamic and fast paced. I met leadership, faculty, staff, students and parents. I toured our campuses, and witnessed how we collaborate first-hand.

I was inspired and humbled by how many talented and passionate people empower our students to reach their full potential. I saw students from both streams playing together, having fun, and overcoming challenges together.

I came to a significant realisation.  FIS is deeply unified in its mission and accountable to its core value of collaboration.

French culture and language is globally distinct and historically significant as a common language used between cultures. For example, English speakers use the term Lingua Franca to describe English as a common language for business.  At FIS I observed a Lingua Franca of our own, the FIS Strategic vision.

Our school has two streams in title, but in practice they are one, united by a strategic vision. This is apparent at every level of the organisation from the Board of Directors to the staff that handle day to day operations. Everywhere I went and looked, the common theme of the strategic vision was present, and being used as a common framework of communication.

This strategic vision is an objective standard that all FIS community members can appeal to and interact with, and it is a powerful tool in communicating the unique advantages of FIS to Hong Kong, Asia, and the whole world.

I cannot wait to see how we can leverage it to become a top-of-mind international school in Hong Kong.

Sam Bleakly
Director of Marketing