573 kg of food collected for Feeding Hong Kong

Issue 59: 28/3/2024 , Strategic Objective: , , Tseung Kwan O News (Reflections and Achievements) , , ,

As part of Kindness Week, we wanted to get the CM2 and Y6 students involved in a charity.

What is kindness if not caring for others?

Feeding Hong Kong has been working for many years to help the most disadvantaged and reduce food waste.

The project took several weeks to complete.

To begin with, the students visited the Feeding Hong Kong warehouse to understand the organization’s approach.

They then explained Feeding Hong Kong’s work in class, what is most in demand (pasta, rice, oil, tins), and ran a poster campaign in the school.

Each class organised itself to collect the donations, and a board of the results was drawn up by the CM2-Y6. It was an opportunity for the students to brush up on their maths!

Feeding Hong Kong received 573 kg. A real cooperative effort!

Congratulations to the teaching team who joined the Vie Scolaire project: Nathalie Bastergue, Ricky Brocco, Lucie Holicky, Maeva Labby, Emma Leung, Nathalie Maitre, Sinead Mc Kinley.

Anne-Elisabeth FAUVEAU
Coordinator Primary Vie Scolaire - TKO Campus