Speak outside your comfort zone!

Issue 54: 23/2/2024 , Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) 2nde

While public speaking might seem natural to some people, it is a huge challenge to others. What do we do with challenges at FIS? We turn them into opportunities! Following the success of the project involving TERMINALE students, we tried the same approach with SECONDE students. The 2 SIA 1 group was invited to act as audience while the 2 SFC 1 group was delivering presentations on the topic “Turn social challenges into opportunities in Hong Kong”. Each member of the audience was asked to fill in a constructive feedback sheet – and they all played their part very seriously.

This precious collection of peer feedback will be used to identify specific points that each student can progressively work on to become a better public speaker. Not only is this exercise valuable in preparing future oral exams, but it also allows students to build confidence, improve their posture and body language and be ready for every situation in which life puts them in the limelight! I would like to thank Ms Clemence Laurent for allowing her group to participate in this fun project, and for providing the students with highly appreciated feedback in English as well.

Denisse Le Dorner
English Secondary Teacher