Careers Forum 2024

Issue 53: 9/2/2024 University Guidance slider

The Careers Forum 2024 will take place on SATURDAY February 24 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on the Blue Pool Road campus.

Some 40 parent speakers have agreed to come and talk to our students from 3ème/Y10 to Terminale/Y13 about their professions.

Students have been informed by their teachers, and we're counting on you to invite them to take part in this event, which will give them the opportunity to discover a wide range of professions (doctor, veterinary surgeon, psychologist, lawyer, architect, mathematician, social scientist, artificial intelligence researcher, school principal, aviation engineer, diplomat, financial director, children's book author, buyer/seller of art or food products...) and to exchange ideas with professionals.



University Guidance and Examinations Department

Hélène Ricordeau
Assistante du Departement Orientation