Let’s talk about post-baccalaureate orientation!

Issue 50: 19/1/2024 From the Principal

The final year of high school is not only punctuated by the baccalaureate, but even more so by the numerous procedures for applying to higher education, and our students are applying all over the world!

Entering your wishes often puts pressure on applicants and their families, but it’s just one stage in the orientation process: personal reflection, discovering the different courses, formulating wishes, finalizing applications and responding to offers.

It’s enough to generate a lot of pressure for applicants. But it’s a pressure that can be managed, as the FIS orientation department guides each student throughout the process.

For studies abroad (USA, Canada, UK, etc.), applications must be submitted before December.

For France, the entry of post-baccalaureate study wishes is via the Parcoursup platform. Our Terminale students have been able to submit their choices since Wednesday January 17.

By grouping together the vast majority of French post-baccalaureate courses, Parcoursup centralizes orientation and creates a common agenda for all courses across the country. It’s not an algorithm that places students, but the programs that choose their future students.

To high school students, I’d like to say this: higher education establishments, in France and abroad, will decide on your admission, but not on your future. If they hold the key to your entry into a first year of higher education, then it’s up to you to continue along the same path or opt, like tens of thousands of students every year, for reorientation.

FIS will always be there to guide you, and your choices will determine your path to success!

Marion Coupat
Proviseure des campus et enseignements du secondaire (Filière française) | Principal of Secondary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)