DELF B1 & B2 Results session 2023

Issue 49: 12/1/2024 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Y11

We are thrilled to announce that all 31 of our Year 11 students passed the DELF B1 and DELF B2 exams at the Alliance Français in December 2023. This achievement holds lifelong significance, as the French Diploma is recognized globally. Level B1 is a requirement for French nationality, while Level B2 opens doors to French universities. We are proud to have prepared the largest number of students this year, and their success is a testament to their hard work and the support of their two French teachers who had only 3 months to prepare their groups. The DELF serves as excellent preparation for the IBDP, should students choose to continue with French B and French A Courses.

Nathalie Grobe
Leader of learning- World Languages