We wish everyone a great festive holiday

Issue 48: 15/12/2023 From the Principal

This has been a very busy term, but one which has truly seen Hong Kong International Schools bounce back from the COVD era and back into the business that existed prior to 2019.  This week we have seen two sets of students away on overeas trips.  First of all some of the successful year 10 & 11 students from the recent HK round of the World Mathematics championships are away at Melbourne University competing with schools from all over the world.  Secondly we have teams of both boys and girls in Singapore taking part in a tournement against teams from around the Asia region.  This week also saw the launch of our CAS week trips for April 2024 which are available for years 7,8,9 & 10.  These include CAS based experiences in Phuket, Bali, Borneo and Mauritus as well as more local based opportunities.  These can be found an a link of your Engage parent portal messages.  A reminder that we need commitments by Wednesday 10 January 2024, and your prompt attention to this would help us to be efficient in the organisation that needs to be done.

It was really pleasing this morning to hear positive news from staff about the success of the 3 way parent-student-teacher conferences that took place during these past two days.  They were particularly complementary about the way in which most students have become much better at being self aware, understanding their subject wekanesses and knowing what they needed to do to improve.  I was reminded this week at a conference that I was attending of the key skills that employers reported to the World Economic Forum for 2023, noting that self-awarness/motivation ranked at #4.  It is good to know that the teaching, curriculum and systems in place at FIS are helping your children to practice these vital skills.

Finally we would like to wish everyone a great festive season, whether you are remaining in HK or travelling to see family and friend elsewhere.  Remember that term starts on Monday 8 January 2024.

Mark Williams
Secondary Principal (International Stream)