Peer Mentoring

Issue 48: 15/12/2023 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13

Everyday at FIS  I am proud of the way our community helps and supports each other.

When we need help we often want to find someone that we believe will truly understand what we are going through. For our students, that “someone” can often be another student. At the start of term, several of our Y12 students volunteered to be Peer Mentors. They have received training and from the start of next term they will be available to support other students in the school. The Peer Mentors will be supported and supervised by our school counselor.

In January, we will be advertising how students can contact our Peer Mentors through posters, Google Classroom announcements and in PSHE.

One of our Peer Mentors, Georgia Lyden, has written this article so you can know more. Thank you, Georgia.

Over the course of several weeks, a number of Y12 volunteers had the opportunity to take part in the IS Mentors Training Programme, learning skills and techniques to prepare them to be “Peer Mentors”. 

The role of these students is to act as a first line of support for their peers at FIS, to become recognisable and approachable figures who can be counted on to offer a listening ear and helping hand for those looking for some help with their mental health. 

The group has been expertly coached by our school counsellor to learn how to listen to and guide mentees to make positive changes regarding their mental health. They have improved their communication techniques, learning how best to listen so mentees will feel comfortable talking, and how to talk so mentees will want to listen. 

Being senior students, the Y12s have not only a wide knowledge of many of the things high school has to chuck at you, but also more recent experience and understanding of the scenarios many of us face. As such, the Peer Mentors are well equipped to act as guides to the students of FIS, working to deepen their understanding of their peers and bonds in the school community.




Pauline Hall / Georgia Lyden
Vice principal / student