IB and IGCSE Mock Exam Schedules

Issue 47: 8/12/2023 Blue Pool Road Notices (Upcoming Events) Y11, Y13

Our IGCSE and IB mock exam schedules have been released. The students have access to their copies on their Google Classrooms. They will be available on the Parent Portal by Monday.

During the exam periods, Y11 and y13 students only need to attend school when they have an exam. Of course, if they wish to come to school to study in the library, they can. They can also come to see their teachers if their teacher is not teaching or invigilating.

I know that you will be keen to do what you can to support your child. Please encourage them to focus on revision and exam preparation only during the holiday. We have deliberately designed the IB Diploma Programme assignments and deadlines so that our Y13 students do not need to do any over the holiday, therefore freeing up time for study.

Please also help them to look after their physical and mental wellbeing as they prepare for the exams. They must find an appropriate balance between work and exercise, relaxation and sleep. A long time ago when I was at school, my Vice Principal advised that I study two parts of each day. This is a method I recommend to many of our students too. I ask them to divide each day into morning, afternoon and evening.  I then advise that they study for two of the parts and use the third for something not related to their studies. This approach allows us to study productively over the long term and it promotes positive wellbeing which in turn helps us achieve more.

Of course, everyone has to find a study plan that works for them. Perhaps you can share what works/worked for you and use this to lead into a discussion of what could work for your child.

You can also use next week’s 3wc’s subject specific preparations with your child and their teachers.

Pauline Hall
Vice principal