French Stream Primary Update

Issue 48: 15/12/2023 From the Principal

Guardians of the Forest

CM1 students from the Jardine’s and TKO campuses had the privilege of meeting and talking with Mundiya Kepanga, traditional chief of the Hulis tribe in Papua New Guinea.

Mundiya Kepanga is an environmental activist committed to protecting primary forests. He has spoken on numerous occasions at international conferences in France (COP21, UNESCO, etc.) and the UK (GEM Report), as well as in the United States, Brazil and Egypt. He is a voice for indigenous peoples and an observer of the world, which he comments on in a very personal way. Mundiya Kepanga has won two Greenpeace awards for the documentary Frères des arbres (Brothers of the Trees), which chronicles his commitment.

There’s no doubt that our students were impressed by the quality of the discussions and Mundiya Kepanga’s incredible personality.

Camps and Trips

The last two weeks have been marked by trips to Taiwan by CM2 A, E and F. The pupils had the chance to discover elements of Taiwanese culture and contemplate the scenery in and around Taipei.

Taipei and the surrounding area. These riches will be the subject of motivating and meaningful classroom learning sessions.

The CE2 pupils from the JL and TKO campuses took advantage of the resources of the Sai Kung Country Park during their two-day camp. They are delighted with the experience they had together.





Meriem Belhadj
Principal of Primary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)