Festive Gala and Family Fun Fair

Issue 48: 15/12/2023 Strategic Objective:

Dear FIS Community,

FIS just celebrated its 60th Anniversary Gala at the prestigious Aberdeen Marina Club. A gathering of 250 guests dressed in their most glamorous attire enjoyed an evening filled with entertainment, delectable cuisine, thrilling auctions and vibrant dancing!

The FISCA team extends heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who answered our call and invested months of effort into this project, resulting in a truly commendable and magnificent outcome. The event was a brilliant success and the funds raised at this Gala will contribute to various school projects in Sustainable Development and enhance students’ life and well-being across all four FIS campuses.

Thank you to all who participated, your support will truly make a difference and congratulations to our whole school community on our 60th Anniversary. What a splendid way to celebrate together!



To make this event a successful one, we need volunteers on the day to run the game booths for our children. All slots are one hour only, please sign up here to support! Secondary students are also welcome to help out with friends. 

To purchase your Family Fun Fair Tickets, please click here. Tickets are selling fast, so secure your spot now!

FIS strong commitment to sustainability which will be showcased at the event. Among the games and activities, we will be offering a fun way for students and families to give their gently used items a second life at the Family Fun Fair Garage Sale




 For any additional information, please contact Claudine or Etienne at family.fun.fair@g.lfis.edu.hk

Caroline Schindler
FISCA Communications Team