Presentation of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division

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A new project!

The start of the 2023 academic year sees the launch of an ambitious project: the “Pôle Informatique et Mathématique”, or PIM (“Computer Science and Mathematics Division”).

The aim of this project is to centralise a wide range of activities aimed at students, and to offer them teaching that they would not normally find in a school setting.

Video presentation

To show you how PIM works, rather than a long speech, here’s a long video speech!

Presentation du PIM

Alternative link for the video

First steps

The first PIM workshops are ready, and we can now begin registration. Here are the three finalised workshops as of today (more will arrive next week).

Workshop 1 : For Terminale students only (BPR)
Maths for Prep School : Test your reasoning against higher-level exercises
Registration link :

Workshop 2 : For all students (BPR)

Web development : Learn how to code a web application (with M. Cabane at BPR)
Registration link :

Workshop 3 : For all students (TKO)
The chess game : Introduction or in-depth study of the world’s most famous strategy game!
Registration link :


All MIP events will be posted on dedicated calendars (one for each campus) : BPR CalendarTKO Calendar

See you soon!

We hope to see many of you at our workshops and open house sessions. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.


Daniel Cabanes
Professeur de mathématiques