Year Six Graduation and End of Academic year

Issue 34: 30/6/2023 From the Principal


Year 6 graduation is a moment of joy and celebration of our students’ time in IS Primary. This year the students wrote the scripts with the support of the Year 6 teaching teams, Mr Brocco, Miss Leung & Miss See at TKO and Mr Durkin, Mrs Hogan and Mr Chan at JL. The students selected the music and chose how it should be performed with the support of our music teachers, Ms Ng and Ms Wang. #ProudToBeFIS

As an IS Primary team, we are very proud of both our Year 6 JL and TKO students. For TKO, this was our first Year 6 graduation and marks the final milestone of our TKO primary campus being complete. These students were our first cohort who joined FIS  in Year 1 at our Hung Hom Campus before making the transition to the new TKO campus. It also marks the first time that our four JL and TKO year six classes will join together to collaborate as Year 7s at IS Secondary! 

Year 6 has shown great resilience throughout their time at primary, rising to all challenges in their learning, for example, at Exit Points, Day camps and trips. Year six have  continually been empathetic and internationally minded – helping each other in their  learning, helping younger students and supporting charities. 

Life is all about adaptability, as you never stop learning! Year 6 are about to start their journey at secondary school, and we wish them all the best for the future! 


Our teachers are proud of all the students in IS Primary and their achievements. As a team we check in with each other, using the Zones of Regulation, ensuring we are always ready to learn. Thank you to all of our teams in IS Primary and the wider FIS school team for using their talents to support our students. 


Positive and supportive parental involvement helps our students succeed. We would like to thank all of our IS Primary parents for their support at Exit Points, stay and play, secret reader, lessons, sports days, trips and workshops. 


At FIS, we focus on the physical and emotional well-being of our students, ensuring they feel safe, so they can learn and blossom. On behalf of the IS Primary team, we wish all of our families a wonderful summer. 

IS Primary Parent Handbooks 2023/24

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Ross Armitage
Primary Principal (International Stream)