IS Primary final few weeks

Issue 32: 16/6/2023 From the Principal

The JL, TKO and CW 60th Anniversary Arts Exhibitions were a great success. Thank you to all parents and family members who were able to attend, and thank you to FISCA for the coffee and pastries. We were able to raise some money for SunBeam.

FIS is a Sunbeam Partner

The Sunbeam Children’s Foundation is an independent charitable organisation registered in Hong Kong and China, founded in Hong Kong in 1996 and operational since 1999. The Foundation raises funds in Hong Kong to support the daily care and education of up to 100 disadvantaged children who reside at the Sunbeam Children’s Village in Baiwan, Guangdong Province, China.

Key Dates


We have three teachers who will be leaving us this year to relocate to different counties.  Joanne, Natasha and Eugina have been talented and supportive team members, ensuring our students are confident and spirited. We wish them all the best for the future!

Exit Points

There are multiple Exit Points to look forward to in the final weeks. The Exit Point supports children in reflecting on the learning they have done throughout the unit, allowing them to explain their learning to peers, family members, and the wider community. It is also a celebration of the learning that has taken place through the Learning Process.


Ross Armitage
Primary Principal (International Stream)